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2023 Coordinated Transportation Plans

  • ODOT

What These Plans Are

A locally developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan (“coordinated plan”) identifies the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, seniors, and people with low incomes; provides strategies for meeting those local needs; and prioritizes transportation services and projects for funding and implementation.

Virtual Public Meetings

Our online public workshops will be held in late June 2023. These online workshops will be highly interactive with lots of opportunity for participants to provide input. Each meeting will cover the same material for each region. To locate your region, visit:

  • Northeast Region (Including rural areas around Tulsa)
    6/20/23 Tuesday
    1:00 PM CDT
    Call: 888-475-4499 (Meeting ID: 845 9658 2858)         
  • Southeast Region
    6/21/23 Wednesday
    1:00 PM CDT
    Call: 888-475-4499 (Meeting ID: 864 0808 4567)
  • Central Region (Including rural areas around OKC)
    6/22/23 Thursday
    10:00 AM CDT
    Call: 888-475-4499 (Meeting ID: 863 9749 4440)
  • Southwest Region
    6/28/23 Wednesday
    1:00 PM CDT
    Call: 888-475-4499 (Meeting ID: 821 4379 8899)
  • Northwest Region
    6/29/23 Thursday
    1:00 PM CDT
    Call: 888-475-4499 (Meeting ID: 865 6063 6177)
  • Survey: Survey is coming soon!