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Public Participation Plan (PPP)

The PPP is intended to provide direction for transportation public participation activities to be conducted by SORTPO and contains the vision, goals, objectives, and techniques used by SORTPO for public participation. The PPP shall, at a minimum, describe procedures, strategies, and desired outcomes for: 

  1. Providing adequate public notice of public participation activities and time for public review and comment at key decision points.  This includes, but is not limited to, a reasonable opportunity to comment on the LRTP and PWP.  
  2. Employing visualization techniques to describe LRTP.  
  3. Making public information (technical information and meeting notices) available in electronically accessible formats, such as email or on RTPO website.  
  4. Holding public meetings at convenient and accessible locations and times.  
  5. Demonstrating consideration and response to input received during the public comment period and development of the LRTP.  
  6. Seeking out and considering the needs of those traditionally underserved, such as low-income and minority households, who may face challenges accessing employment and other services 
  7. Coordinating with statewide transportation planning processes.  
  8. Periodically reviewing the effectiveness of the procedures and strategies contained in the participation plan to ensure a full and open participation process.