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Active Living

One of the goals of the Regional Transportation Planning plan is it increase and improve opportunities for physical activity with a focus on bicycle and pedestrian.

Create Thriving, Activity-Friendly Communities

2022 Southwest Oklahoma Walkability Summit

On October 20, 2022, a summit was held in Clinton, Oklahoma. The intent of the summit is to enhance individual and community-based efforts to increase walkability by connecting leaders and community members with valuable resources and information.

Active Living Map

There are many opportunities to be active in the SORTPO region. By safety. Through this map you can zoom into to specific counties or municipalities then click on the trail and it will bring up a box with more information.

There is a search bar that you can type in the name of the park/municipality. From this search you can select the site and an information box will appear containing information on the park. Each point of interest has a list of amenities.

Located in the upper left corner there are icons that allow for specific search options:

  • The first 2 icons resemble a funnel.
  • The first funnel allows you to search for specific type of trails by difficulty and trail type.
  •  The 2nd funnel icon is a park finder that includes walking/bicycling/equestrian facilities.
  • The 3rd icon allows you to search by distance.
  • The 4th icon provides the opportunity to measure distance walked/biked.
  • The final icon allows you to draw your own path.

This map will be updated as information is submitted and verified by SORTPO. If you have questions/comments or want to send photos of the trails/parks, please send to