SORTPO Technical Committee

SORTPO utilizes the technical expertise of member jurisdictions and TPB members by the establishment of a Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). This committee shall review all regional transportation planning products and processes, making recommendations to the TPB as necessary throughout the regional transportation planning process. The TTC shall hold regularly scheduled meetings in accordance to 25 O.S. §301- §314 (Open Meetings Act)

SORTPO Technical Committee Members

  • Bryce Bohot, Jefferson County Commissioner District #2
  • Danny Britton, Western Technology Center
  • Elesia Church, City of Elk City, City Treasurer/Grants
  • Chris Hartman, Cotton County
  • Rodger Kerr, Altus Chamber of Commerce
  • Roland Mower, Clinton Economic Development
  • Julie Sanders, SWODA
  • Cole Vonfeldt, Construction Engineer, ODOT Division 7
  • Kim Whaley, Director of Pathways to Healthy Living, Jefferson & Stephens Counties
  • Tom Zigler, Staff ASCOG/SORTPO Non-Voting Member
  • Isaac Akem, FHWA Planner
  • Shelley Bookout, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Travis Estep, Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Julie Funkhouse, Tobacco Settlement Entitlement Trust (Caddo County)
  • Adam Gentis, ODOT, Strategic Assets and Planning Performance
  • Todd Kennemer, Planning Director, City of Newcastle
  • Beverly Williams, Turning Point (McClain County)

SORTPO Transportation Policy Board

The SORTPO Transportation Policy Board (TPB) provides policy advice to the RTPO. The RTPO shall allow representatives of major employers, ODOT, transit operators, port districts, and where applicable, Native American tribal interests, and member cities, towns, and counties to participate in policy making. Membership majority shall consist of non-metropolitan local officials, or their designees, and, as appropriate, additional representatives from the State, private businesses, transportation service providers, economic development practitioners, and the public in the region. The TPB hold regularly scheduled meetings in accordance to 25 O.S. §301-§314 (Open Meetings Act).

SORTPO Transportation Policy Board Members

  • Anita Archer, Elk City
  • Tim Binghom, Kiowa County Commissioner
  • Dale Bunn, City Manager of Purcell
  • Kirk Butler, Jackson County Commissioners
  • Jerry Dean, Circuit Engineering District #7
  • Jay Earp, Division Engineer, ODOT Division #7
  • Brent Almquist, Division Engineer, ODOT Division #5
  • Shawn Freie, Director of Economic Development Caddo Kiowa
  • Debora Glasgow, SWODA, Executive Director
  • Heather Harding, Farmrail Corporation
  • Lyle Miller, Chairman. Custer County Commissioners
  • Cendie Newman, Red River Transportation
  • Lyle Roggow, President Duncan Area Economic Development
  • Clark Southard, Oklahoma Southwest Alliance
  • Bill Spurlock, Elk City Municipal Airport Board
  • Dale Winkler, Mayor, City of Sterling
  • Tom Zigler, ASCOG

Freight Workgroup

  • Adam Gentis, RTPO Coordinator, ODOT
  • Brent Almquist, Division 5 Engineer, ODOT
  • Clark Southard, Oklahoma Southwest Alliance
  • Debora Glasgow, SWODA
  • Heather Harding, Farmrail System, Inc
  • Jay Earp, Division 7 Engineer, ODOT
  • Jim Mason, Economic Development, Elk City
  • Lyle Roggow, Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation
  • Rodger Kerr, Chamber of Commerce, Altus
  • Shawn Freie, Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center
  • Tom Zigler, ASCOG
  • Travis Estep, Lawton MPO