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ODOT 5310 Townhall Update

5310 Townhall Update

Dear Transportation Stakeholders,

Please join the ODOT Office of Mobility & Public Transit for one of four Regional Telephone town hall calls regarding the FTA 5310 Program and the development of Regional Human Services Transportation Coordination Plans that are required by the federal program.

ODOT will host four telephone town hall calls– one for each of the four regions detailed on the maps below. Please participate only in the regional group (broken out by county) where you reside or where your agency/organization provides human and/or transit service. The Tulsa/INCOG urbanized area and region receives an FTA apportionment for the 5310 program separate from ODOT’s FTA program apportionment. INCOG administers their own 5310 program and this region is not included in any of the four ODOT Coordination regions.

The town hall meetings assist in obtaining local public and stakeholder input to include in each of the four Regional Coordination Plans, and will provide a brief overview of the FTA 5310 Program (Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities). Participants will also be asked various questions about current transit service for seniors and people with disabilities, gaps and unmet needs, and for recommendations to fill those gaps.

Telephone Town Hall Schedule

Region 4 : Tuesday, July 28th, 11:30am-12:30pm

Region 3 : Tuesday, July 28th, 2pm – 3pm

Region 2 : Thursday, July 30th, 11:30am-12:30pm

Region 1 : Thursday, July 30th, 2pm – 3pm

Please follow this link to register for your Regional Telephone Town Hall:

Once registered, you will receive a reminder call the day before your region town hall is scheduled, and will also receive a call on the date and time for your region to connect you to the town hall.

Background Information

FTA 5310 Program: Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

The objective of the FTA program is to enhance the mobility options for seniors and people with disabilities. Projects are funded that remove barriers to transportation services and attempt to fill unmet transportation needs by improving and expanding mobility options for seniors and people with disabilities. In order to identify and understand current transportation services and the unmet transportation needs for seniors and people with disabilities, a Regional Human Service Transportation Coordination Plan is required to be locally developed by the public and stakeholders in the region.

What is a Regional Coordination Plan?

A Regional Coordination Plan is a process that requires the public, local stakeholders, and transit agencies to identify and coordinate efforts in providing transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities. It is a plan that documents the current local transportation services for this targeted population, and the transportation gaps and unmet needs for this targeted population. Lastly, the regional coordination plan provides recommendations to close those barriers of mobility for seniors and people with disabilities.

If you require registration assistance, please contact Veronica Clark at or by phone at (405) 464-3251 between the hours of 7:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

We look forward to your participation. Thank you.