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Alternative Fuel Corridors Designations and Funding for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure


FHWA recently completed the fifth round of designations for the Alternative Fuel Corridors program. With the designation of these corridors, FHWA is continuing to establish a national network of alternative fueling and charging infrastructure along national highway system corridors.

To date, FHWA’s Alternative Fuel Corridors Program includes:

  • 125 Nominations submitted from state and local officials;
  • Designations on segments or entire lengths of 134 Interstate corridors (including Hawaii and Alaska), along with 125 US highways/state roads;
  • 49 states (plus the District of Columbia) designated as corridor-ready or corridor-pending for one or more alternative fuel types.

Visit the Alternative Fuel Corridors website to learn about the new designations and view the updated corridor maps.

Also, on the website is a newly released report titled Federal Funding is Available For Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure On the National Highway System, which contains potential sources of federal funding available for electric vehicle infrastructure.

In addition, visit the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center Station Locator for updates and enhancements to corridor measurement tool.

Please visit USDOT and FHWA for more Earth Day announcements!