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New Pilot Program – Mobility Management

Exciting News

Cristi Williams
Cristi Williams

SWODA is excited to announce a new pilot program called Mobility Management for the Tillman, Jackson and Kiowa county service area, and to welcome Cristi Williams to her new role as Mobility Navigator.

Cristi has always been passionate about helping others. So when she started in June, she was excited to be able to assist a wide variety of individuals in an area that has a huge impact on our communities. The lack of transportation affects all aspects of life. She looks forward to working closely with transportation providers on projects as well as engaging in communities to bridge the gap between services and the actual community needs. Cristi has over 20 years of experience through her work in public education, as well as advocating and assisting individuals in our aging and youth communities.

Who Are We

Mobility management focuses on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers. It also focuses on coordinating these services and providers to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system. In compliance with the Federal Transportation Administration, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation launched two pilot programs. The NORTPO and SORTPO regional transportation planning organizations launched these local pilot mobility management programs in Northwest and Southwest Oklahoma to improve access to mobility for residents. These programs are the start of a statewide initiative with more programs coming over time. The goal is 100% mobility management in Oklahoma.

What We Do

Mobility management projects increase mobility access for all Oklahomans to healthy living resources, healthcare, and employment through various activities that connect transportation with the needs of individuals and communities. Mobility navigators in the region will begin by collecting information, meeting with community leaders, members, and transit providers to gain knowledge, share transportation struggles, & brainstorm solutions for the community.

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