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ODOT seeks additional public comment on Active Transportation Plan

  • ODOT

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is requesting additional public input on Oklahoma’s first Active Transportation Plan. The plan looks at the needs of Oklahomans who walk; bike; use wheelchairs and mobility scooters; pedal and electric scooters; skateboards and more.

The plan focuses on how active transportation can be improved through better policies, planning, design and partnerships with other state agencies and local communities. Whether Oklahomans use active transportation regularly, rarely, or somewhere in between, public input and ideas are critical to developing the plan.

This second round of public comment aims to gain additional insight into the public’s views of the plan. Feedback will help guide ODOT towards improved health, better quality of life, equity, economic vitality and reduced pollution as just a few of the plan’s benefits.

ODOT is dedicated to supporting a safe and effective transportation system that provides multimodal opportunities for active transportation users of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Sidewalks, bikeways, multi-use trails and other infrastructure that make up the active transportation system provide for and promote health and safety for users and benefit the environment and the economy. Increasing access to multimodal transportation will help Oklahoma become an even better place to live, work and visit.

Comments can be submitted through Jan. 12, by email to

For more information about the Active Transportation Plan visit