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Structurally Deficient City Bridge Program

  • ODOT

Structurally Deficient City Bridge Program

  • Funding is a part of the IIJA/BIL law passed in late 2021
  • This law created the new Bridge Formula Program
  • Funds are dedicated to repairing/replacing bridges nationwide
  • $10M per year for 5 years dedicated to repairing/replacing SD city bridges
  • Able to fund with 100% federal funding (no match required); however, priority will be given to those that are able to provide local matching funds or already have design started.
  • We will also be looking at things like AADT, bus route, load posting, age of structure, cost to rehabilitate vs. replace, etc. when selecting bridges to fund.
  • An additional $18M per year for 5 years is dedicated to addressing scour and engineering for all off-system bridges (city and county). We are currently looking at the first 600 in this group.

If interested in participating, please submit a Notice of Interest at

Please note: this is not a guarantee of funding

In order to be considered, structure must be a minimum of 20’ in length and must be rated structurally deficient on the most recent bridge inspection report.

If you have questions, please reach out to:
Melissa Davis, PMP®, Program Manager
Local Government Division
Cell 405-249-0829