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SWODA Awards Contract For Transportation Plan Development

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South Western Oklahoma Development Authority awards $1.5 million contract to Poe & Associates, Inc. to develop the Southwest Oklahoma Regional Transportation Plan

In a significant milestone for regional transportation planning in southwest Oklahoma the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA) as the fiscal agent for the 16 county Southwest Oklahoma Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SORTPO) awarded a $1.5 million transportation planning contract to Poe & Associates, Inc. This partnership is poised to reshape the regional transportation landscape, emphasizing a commitment to innovation and sustainable rural transportation planning. This project is funded by a planning grant administered by the USDOT under the FFY 2022 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant.

The award, granted by the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority, is a crucial initiative aimed at collection and development of southwest Oklahoma regional data. It supports the integration of non-motorized and motorized transportation, thereby enhancing the quality of life for rural residents and strengthening the economy. The Plan will be a diamond for southwest Oklahoma, focusing on improving connectivity, reducing congestion, and enhancing overall transportation efficiency, alights with the mission of SORTPO.

Craig Moody, Project Manager, Poe & Associates Inc will lead a team of experts combining creativity, innovation, and technical expertise. “The Southwest Regional Multimodal Transportation Plan will serve as a guiding document that outlines a strategic vision, goals, and actions to address the current and future transportation challenges, taking into account the various transportation modes to efficiently move people and goods. An invaluable part of developing the multimodal transportation plan will be gaining consensus on the best solutions through proactive stakeholder and public meetings across the region. A well-documented and supported transportation plan positions the region well to compete for federal discretionary grants. For these reasons and more, it’s commendable that SORTPO is taking a proactive approach to its transportation future with the Southwest Oklahoma Regional Multimodal Transportation Plan. As the process moves forward, continued collaboration, data-driven decision making, and a commitment to a holistic vision of transportation will be key to its success.” The $1.5 million consultant award will enable SORTPO to further expand its capabilities to enhance the planning and execution of transportation projects.

SORTPO remains steadfast in its mission to facilitate an environment that promotes future regional transportation planning, economic growth, quality of life, healthy communities and investment through cooperation and engagement of stakeholders. The SORTPO team looks forward to leveraging this opportunity to making a lasting and positive impact on the transportation landscape.