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Transportation Planning Mini Grant

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SORTPO’s transportation planning program is funded through the State Planning & Research  (SPR) funds and local match provided by ASCOG and SWODA.

The purpose of the grant is to  provide planning opportunities to municipalities in southwest Oklahoma SORTPO will be accepting grant applications for a Transportation Mini Planning Grant. 

The grant can be used for activities such as transportation planning/data collection activities, traffic studies in low income/minority/disabled communities, active living/trail plan, travel barriers in low-income communities, sign inventory, safety audit, intersection analysis, corridor studies, complete streets plan. 

Projects completed by this grant program will support the SORTPO’s transportation planning program


Emails with the grant application were sent to municipalities in SORTPO’s 16 county region on November 2nd.

Deadline for submissions of the grant is February 1, 2022, with notification of grant award the last week of March 2022